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Is there a hardship in your life / change of situation that is causing you and your family financial stress?  Trouble making the mortgage payments?   Avoid Foreclosure by taking necessary steps to Short Sale - Short Sales DO close!

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Quick action is the best chance of making the best out of a bad situation.  

Our recent economy has created a world of hurt -

job loss and instability, short sales, foreclosures...

Call Robin today at 630-977-0677 or make a request at the link above for a complimentary consultation.  Act now, don't wait until it's too late to get the help you need!


Here's our 5 Step Process to Avoid Foreclosure:

Step 1: Refinance/Remodify.  Have you or are you in process of working through this with your lender? If you have been waiting 1 month or longer for an answer and have been in contact with your bank weekly, odds are you aren't qualifying. In the meantime - KEEP making payments if you can to avoid default.   Goto Step 2


Step 2: Our lenders are ready to evaluate your situation...if you haven't missed a payment, they may be able to refinance your home to reduce your monthly payments.   This may make payments more manageable so you can stay in your home, if that is your desire, and at all possible.        Still No luck?!   Goto Step 3


Step 3: If you don't qualify for refinancing or remodification programs, contact us immediately!  (We aren't kidding on this - the earlier we get started, the more successful we can be!)   We will professionally market your home to get the most for you in today's market and help you find your new home, for purchase or rental.   The time is now to contain your financial situation and downsize your home and your monthly payments.   Goto Step 4


Step 4: Do you own more than you think your home will sell for? Then it's time to SHORT SALE your home!   Do NOT wait - Call TODAY 630-977-0677.  The earlier we can get this process started, the better chance of salvaging your credit and moving on to the next phase in your life!    We are experienced in Short Sales and our team of negotiators and attorneys will work on your behalf to negotiate direct with your lender. 

Did you know?? Realtor and Attorney fees are paid by the lender in a Short Sale.  Don't waste precious time trying to negotiate yourself; let the pros do it!   If you represent yourself, the bank may drag out the process, give you false hope, frustrate you and you will likely lose your home anyway.  Contact us and we'll put our negotiators to work for you.


Step 5:  Relief.  After every Short Sale we have completed, our sellers are elated to have the "weight off their shoulders" and a new opportunity to rebuild their life. 

Many wish they hadn't waited so long to take that first step...


To Learn more on how we can help, Contact me today for a complimentary consultation!   630-977-0677


or Click here for a Complimentary Market Analysis and to get the ball rolling! 


Did you know??

A foreclosure stays on your credit report for as long as 7 or 8 years. However, foreclosure affects your credit score predominantly for the first 2 years, and can affect your credit score by as much as 250 points. For example, if you have a credit score of 700, it will drop down to ~450. (ouch!) So, it's better to avoid a foreclosure and request the lender for a loss mitigation plan  so that you're able to keep the home or if at all you can''t keep the home, then at least see that your credit doesn't get a big hit.


Did you also know??
If you need to short sale your home  - Realtor and Attorney fees are paid for the Short Sale Seller's Lender  - there are no out of pocket expenses to seller!


3 tips to help repair credit:

  • Prepare a budget: Look at the way you spend your money. Plan a budget and try to follow it.  Identify, understand and correct why you''re in the situation. If there''s anything that you could have avoided, try to fix it now. Track if you are spending extra and adjust your budget accordingly.  
  • Pay your bills on time: Keep paying your bills and debts in time and make sure your creditors report them to the credit bureaus.  Take charge and send proof of payment if needed to clear the debt.  High debt load will affect your credit score and bring it down. Don''t ignore small expenses as they can be sent for collections. 
  • Get a credit card: You can apply for credit cards and use it to make small purchases. Pay off the balance in full every month. This will reflect that you can manage credit responsibly thereby borrowing only what you can afford and paying it back in time. However, go for a credit card only if you have adjusted your expenses, and you only need a couple cards to establish good trade lines. 

Our lenders will assist with credit evaluation and determine what is your best course of action to improve your score.  They will help identify what is bringing your score down and make recommendations that will improve your credit score.  It will take time, but will be worth it in the long run.  


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